Alter Ego Proposal

Alter Ego: Atlas

Why choosing?

I enjoy fashion and art. but as I stated in an earlier post I have been getting bored with fashion in some aspects. I want fashion to move faster into the direction of the far future. Im very much into costume like garnets that are on the more literal side. I also tend to be a geek I love video games and sci. fi has always interested me when dealing with the future.

So I want to create this being that I made up one day while thinking about this project. My mind went flying in all directions and I basically created this whole world that I can go into an extreme detail about. I began to create this character, an intellectual being that has advanced beyond artificial intelligence. A half human half computer hybrid that live among us in the future, The character I created in a sense is representing me in the future. What I am, who I am, and what I’m wearing all sums this fantasy world that I ended up creating. And thus my character, Atlas, was born.

How is this look different from you?

When thinking about it, it’s not entirely that different from me because I will be making a statement as I normally do, However this statement is something that I have never done before. This look is different from me in that I’m interpreting my style into a direction that I have only dreamed to do. It was basically creative freedom when I created this futuristic world and I plan to commit to character when in this persona which will be different from my personality. A purely intellectual being transported back in time naively observing the world asking questions about things that are norm to us.


How will you execute this look for 12 hours?

Every detail when executing this alter ego is something that I created and represent many different things. I plan to do several outfits, going along with my two outfits per day nature, all going along the lines of what I believe to be futuristic as far as the garnets. see through tops, grid like knits, tight bottoms, futuristic shoes, silver pants, nature, metallic details, neon lights, and metal accessories will all be incorporated into the looks.

I will also be painting my body with what look like megabyte/tribal tattoos that I’m calling a Byte. The new race that I will be representing, human/computer, are all born with these “bytes” which are small tribal looking marks on a random area of their body. With age they grow with them getting larger in appearance.

Shoes are also important. Because of the new climate the ground gets hot making it painful to walk on. All shoes have a metal band at the bottom that reflex the heat. Which leads into them also being higher and platform like to elevating you from the ground to again avoid contact with the ground. Hight is also considered to be beautiful so the boundaries on shoes with high have diminished as far as gender roles. Elevated shoes become a function.

New technology means new materials in fashion. glowing lights are incorporated into garnets making them more visually dynamic, especially at night. Sculptural metal pieces are used to protect from the sun and to give accessories a futuristic look. Again fashion becoming functional.

Nature becomes the new gold/diamonds. In a world where nature has become more scarce it becomes a luxury to own it. Flowers and leaves are preserved and worn as accessories, giving color to a new world that is dominated by black and grey monochromatic colors.

      I have a lot of ideas an will most likely add more details to this world filled with its new races that I am calling the future. So more to come. I hope this proposal is enough to give me the okay to bring this alter ego to life. =]

What is your blog going to look like?

I plan to take a lot of pictures and document myself with the experiences that I will be encountering. I’m also going to familiarize myself with uploading videos in attempts to post video documentation of my journey as Atlas. I’m going to be hanging out with my friends on weekends like we normally do but in my alter ego. I will most likely go out for halloween. I also plan on showing my family when I go up for a weekend documenting their reactions. And ultimately going to school If i build up the courage needed to introduce this technological terrestrial to the world.


Who am I in the future? I am myself now currently translated into the future I associate with a latino culture, LGBT culture, and the new robot race that I invented called the Tech’s. I am the same age as I am now, 22. Im still into the same things as I am now currently such as Fashion, Art, etc.

I wanted it to be me just translated into the future. I am still into the same interests just adapted into what resources are available. I am still a queer man culturally adapting my life into a new world.  As if time travel was just invented and I was a volunteer to be taken back to the past.


2 thoughts on “Alter Ego Proposal

  1. Benji, can you please describe in more detail, who you are in the future – what social class, what cultural references, are you old? why is it you? what about thinking about this alter ego, as alternative to you?

  2. But the future is different, so how do you imagine it different – what happens if in the future, there is no gender, we are all self reproducing? or maybe gender doesn’t matter as we are sterile.

    Also if the character is you, how is that an alter ego?

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