My Future of Fashion

 This headpiece/visor/space satellite was something I created in my art class last year (totally wasn’t the assignment). I usually wear it when Im feeling extra bold and inspired. For me my wardrobe is an extension of my personality, constantly hanging at a rapid pace sometimes faster than I can keep up with. When Im feeling very inspired my outfits or personas as I like to call them are always changing. If Im in a good or bad mood my wardrobe tends to get very literal that day or for that hour.

I use fashion as a catalyst to become a persona everyday, and Im addicted to the endless possibilities that can be created. Im at a point in my life where Im getting bored of fashion Its not moving as fast as i would like it to be. This piece was created as my interpretation of the future of fashion and where i wan it to be going. Im ready for change. Its very hard to describe how I view the world all while still sounding sane.

I attract a lot of attention everywhere I go. Enough that I usually apologize in advance to my friends for all the attention I might get while they are around me. Its often good sometimes bad but always turning heads. Which confuses me because some days I don’t dress as crazy as other and I still get attention.

I tie my wardrobe a lot with my personal stance on sexuality. and what is considered to be accepted for us to wear. I will ALWAYS be who I want to be and dress how I want to dress. Clothes have no gender and we should not be limited from what we should and want to wear. By being myself I stand up for other who may be to shameful to, I force acceptance into the eyes of those who would call me crazy in hopes that it inspires others to be themselves to ultimately change fashion into a more free world.


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